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At Matsumoto Trading, we promote strengthening exports of Japanese food products through our exclusive agents in the Mideast and SE Asia. By specializing in rice-based snacks (rice crackers such as arare and senbei) and Japanese tea, we have assembled a large menu of snacks and food products centered around the export of specific products. We meticulously execute the business of exporting and selling these items, including promoting sales in key countries.

Product Lines

  • Rice Crackers (Arare, Senbei)
  • Snacks
  • Biscuits, Cookies
  • Candies, Chocolates
  • Appetizers, Delicacies
  • Juices, Jellies
  • Japanese-Style Sweets
  • Green Tea (Tea Leaf, Tea Bags)
  • Coffee, Black Tea
  • Carbonated Drinks
  • Mineral Water
  • Health & Beauty
Noodles & Flour
  • Dried Noodles (Udon, Soba, Somen)
  • Fresh Noodles, Instant Noodles
  • Tempura Flour
  • Soy Sauce, Soup Stock
  • Noodle Dipping Sauce
  • Miso Soybean Paste, Vinegar
  • Ponzu (Soy-Citrus), Sesame Sauce
  • Mirin Sweet Sake, Cooking Sake
  • Other Sauces, Mayonnaise
  • Bastes, Grilled Meat Sauces
  • Mustard, Wasabi Horseradish, Spice
Cooking Ingredients
  • Curry Roux, Retort Curry
  • Cooking Sauces
  • Sushi Rice Mixes
  • Cooking Powders & Ingredinets
Processed Marine Products
  • Seafood, Dried Laver Seaweed
  • Dried Small Sardines, Bonito Flakes
  • Fish Sausage
Rice, Pickles, Toppings, Miso Soup
  • Furikake “Sprinkle-On” Toppings
  • Ochazuke Mix
  • Pickles & Foods Boiled in Soy sauce
  • Cooked Rice, Instant Miso Soup
TOBEKA Japanese Rice Crackers

Export Destination

Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern countries
Kobe, Nagoya, and Yokohama ports

Major Retailers

SE Asia

Hong Kong
7-Eleven, Wellcome, Park'n Shop, Circle K, Mannings,
CRV, Nuance Watson, Sogo, Jusco
NTUC Fairprice, DFI Group (Giant, Cold Storage), OG,
John Little, Robinson, Japan Home, Prime, Metro,
Sheng Siong, Isetan, Shop N Save, Carrefour
DFI(Giant, Cold Storage), Carrefour, Isetan, Sogo,
Citysuper & Mercato, Sunshine, Famous Amos,
99 Speed Mart, Central Hypermarket

Middle East

Saudi Arabia
Alnukaly Retail Stores
Danube, Azizia, Panda, Gean, Giant, Carrefour

Global Partners

Sole Agent for Middle East:Al Nukaly International Trading Co.
Alnukaly Show Rooms
Al Nukaly Retail Stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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