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Our mission is to introduce Japanese food culture to people in every part of the world.

Founded in 1999, Matsumoto Trading Co., Ltd. is a trading firm engaged in exporting Japanese delicacies renowned both for their delicious tastes and for their safety to countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.
Thanks to the establishment of advanced food distribution networks made possible by recent advances in international logistics, demand for Japanese foods has been escalating around the world. At Matsumoto Trading we carefully acknowledge the requirements of customers all over the world, and strive at delivering the exquisite Japanese food culture, created and fostered since ancient times by Japan's never-ending variations in the four seasons, to families throughout the world.
Yutaka Matsumoto, Managing Director
Matsumoto Trading Co., Ltd.

Corporate philosophy

“Food” is the wherewithal on which human beings depend as their sustenance.

We now live in an era in which “food” is not only widely expected to provide us with delicious tastes but also widely regarded as a means of maintaining good health and retaining a sense of security. The sense of “experiencing the pleasures of eating delicious food and of eating food with a sense of security and well-being” is a desire that is universally shared among people around the world. In the course of our business activities, we at Matsumoto Trading are resolved to serve as an important link between Japanese and foreign food cultures.

“Delicious Tastes,”“High Quality,” and “Dependable Services”

“Delicious Tastes” entice people to the pleasures of eating. “High Quality” leads to a sense of security in relation to food. Provision of “Dependable Services” earns a company the confidence of customers. By means of maintaining these three principles as the core of our business activities, Matsumoto Trading has not only been making a contribution to the development of food culture throughout the world but is also aiming to be a company that is worthy of the highest degree of trust on the part of society.


Corporate Name
Matsumoto Trading Co., Ltd.
Rainbow Marunouchi Building 903,
3-6-11, Marunouchi, Naka-ku,
Nagoya, 460-0002, Japan
September 13, 1999
Capital Fund
JPY 10 Million
Managing Director
Yutaka Matsumoto
Business Outline
Exporters of Japanese Food
Matsumoto Trading Co.,Ltd.

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From Central Japan International Airport
About 30-40 minutes by car
From Osaka
60 minutes by train
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